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Our service makes it possible to receive German products from all German online-shops while you enjoying your time at home

100+ German Marketplaces
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Save 80% Delivery Cost
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How We Work

For Free: We have an index with the most important german online shops and websites with product content and a short description.

register and login to search and purchase
search and purchase to deliver order

Register & Login

Register on the website and receive your own address in germany from us. After you log in as customer, you can search in our web index. Here you find different information about pottential online providers


Search & Purchase

Visit the website you want to buy something and use your own address in Germany. With the help of your own code, we are able to identify your package.


Deliver Order

Your purchase are on the way to us now and we will store it in a special box for 30 days for free. During this period and after completing your shopping tour, send the order to ship it to you.

Register Now to get your own address at Germany and grab your HOT DEALS before it runs out.

Our Goal
We provide you for free over
Trusted Shops
In Germany
We serve you with over
Translated Product Names
In Many Languages
We serve you with
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germany flex gate for online marketplace

Your Gate For German Online Market

shipping calculator


Provide the basic details of your parcel and we'll calculate the estimated shipping cost for you

trusted shops in germany

Trusted shops
in Germany

For FREE: An index with most popular German online shops with products content and short description

free product translation services

FREE product
translation services

For FREE: We created a special index, which can translate single search terms from your mother language to German

your own address in germany

Your own address
in Germany

Get your own address in Germany with a special code, with which your order can be identified

How to Search for a Product in Germany

We have collected for you a summary of the experiences of others in the easiest ways to search for products in Germany. Watch the video for an easy and understandable explanation.

  1. If you are generally looking for the desired product in all electronic markets in Germany, you can use the Google search engine, dedicated to the German region, which end with (.de), also the search engine is (

  2. If you are looking for the desired product inside a German online shop, whether from the sites in the German market list in your account with us or any other sites, write the name of the desired product in the search box, but in German.

  3. In your account, you will find the service of indexing the most important products and there translation in German. Copy translation of the required product, then search for it on the sites as mentioned in the previous two steps.

  4. You can use the advantages of the translation service on your web browser to translate the general content of the page from German into your preferred language.


Learn about many of our free and reliable services. Some of which we show you here

address in germany

Address in Germany

You get your own address in Germany from us with a special code, with which your order and parcels can be identified.

consolidate purchases

Consolidate Purchases

You can shop online and buy many products, which you can put together in one box and at the end to send it to you.

30 days free

30 Days Free

Get your own box for free for 30 days, to collect your purchases as you wish and to put them together in it.

free language solution

Free Language Solution

We created a special index, which can translate single search terms from your mother language to German for you. It make the research for products on the German websites for non-German speakers easier and to lead to better research results.

save 80% of shipping

Save 80% of Shipping

Thanks to the service of consolidating purchases in one box. You will save up to 80% on shipping cost

ship everywhere

Ship Everywhere

We are working with the most trustworthy, safest transport partners in the world such as DHL, DPD, UPS

free index of german shops

Free Index of German Shops

We created an index with the most important German online shops and websites with product content and a short description. It makes your research for single products easier

trusted brands

Trusted Brands

We were keen to select the most trusted and famous online-shops in Germany to add to our index

secured shop

Secured Shop

We are keen to deal with the most trusted and secure payment provider by achieving the highest standards of security procedures

About Us

GermanyFlex is a German forwarding service specializing in transport, delivery and package forwarding services between the German market and buyers outside of Germany.

There are a lot of reasons to make German products more tempting, as well as the existence from many worldwide companies which are in use for generations. Local companies and workshops, who are specialized in making high quality German workmanships and have an appropriate price for the consumer.

Also, the many years of experience from the regulatory authorities, who controls and guarantees the standard from the Quality and the safety regulations in Germany, which is established worldwide. Which furthermore has their consultation on many official worldwide places.

This and all other factors, lead to a milestone for the competition- level between the distributors of the German products on the market.

In addition to that, Germany is worldwide famous to be a lead industrial country. Germany is the number one export industrial country for years. This expands the broadband for high quality products, that can be offered on the marked and which fulfill the local market expectations and make rise the trust from clients abroad.

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GermanyFlex is one of the first German busniness, which is specialized with transport and delivery services, between German market and the buyer outside of Germany.


You will mostly need a German address to which your order can be shipped, and an online payment method such as credit cards. After registering with us, you will receive your own German address with a special code, by which your parcels can be recognized, for a small one-time fee of €1.99. We will receive all your parcels and put them together in one box. If you've finished your Germany shopping tour, start asking for shipping to you. That's it!

We have created a catalog of more than 100 popular German stores and websites with products and short descriptions for you. We are pleased to provide this service for free once you create your account with us.

In this regard, we have created two features that we are glad to offer you for free. You have full access to them after registration. One is the shopping index of over 100 popular German online stores and the other is a product name translation service from your language into German. Watch the video “How to find a product in Germany” to get a better idea of it.

Good quality spare parts as well as cosmetics, nutritional supplements and multivitamins. There are also brands owned by major German pharmacies and they are usually cheaper than the big brands and of higher quality. In general, the quality in Germany is high, but during the offers there are great prices. Many people know this and often take advantage of this option. Be prepared with your German address and grab your hot deals before they run out.

Use our shipping calculator to get an estimated shipping cost for you. It is very easy to use.

It depends on many factors such as your location, the shipping company you choose, the type of service you choose. But on average. It takes 3 working days to 2 weeks

Customs duties are not included in the shipping price and are determined by your local customs authority. We have no involvement with these fees.

No, all shipments must be addressed to you and must include your code to be able to distinguish it from many packages (the 7-digit code in your last name area, it will be visible to you when you get your own address with us)

Unfortunately we do not offer this service at the moment. We can only receive packages on your behalf.

No, you will get a real street address that can be used in all online storefronts.

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